General Service

We always believe: Rule No. 1, Customer is Always Right. And Rule No. 2, If Customer is Wrong, Go Back to Rule No. 1.

We take a different approach and we listen to what your problems are, and come up with solutions that will solve your problems, meet your budget requirements and light up the surrounding.
We are not equipment or software pushers. We are specialist in the application of solid state technologies which will light the way to your future. MAXCO creates energy efficient LED’s to replace costly inefficient incandescent lamps. We will educate the public and lighting professionals on the saving alternatives. We provide a level of service and support that consistently exceeds our customer expectations.
Please take a look at our services and solutions pages- then give us a call.  You'll be surprised to our attention to detail, thoughtfulness of design, efficiency of our installations and value to your budget.
MAXCO provides COMPLETE engineered solutions shipped directly to your factory or office to be installed or for assembly into your current or newly designed fixtures.

Let us light the way to the future.